Water Hammer Solutions

Solutions to Water Hammer Problems: FHCS will provide complete solutions to water hammer problems for various pipeline systems. The solutions provided include developing transient models using the well known Pipe2008 software, simulating various transient generating events and their effects on the pipeline systems and their components, providing reliable and cost effective solutions to minimize the effects of high and low transient pressures. The close association of FHCS with some of the well known manufacturers of surge protection equipment makes the solutions more reliable (access to their proprietary data) and attractive (cost effective). The following are some of the popular areas where FHCS can help you with solutions to water hammer problems.

  • Lift Irrigation Pipelines
  • Water Transmission Pipelines
  • Sanitary Sewer Force Mains
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Irrigation Piping Systems
  • Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems – tall building, warehouses, aircraft hangers, ships etc.
  • Oil pipelines
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