Water Distribution Networks

FHCS can provide reliable and cost effective solutions to your distribution network problems. If you are thinking of migrating to continuous water supply systems from intermittent supply system, you should contact FHCS as we understand both worlds equally well and can offer efficient solutions. Having a reliable computer model for your water distribution system would help you eliminate trail and error design and operational solutions. Continuous water supply systems: Model development, calibration, study of what-if scenarios, water quality calibration and modeling, pump and storage sizing etc.

  • Intermittent water supply systems (common in developing countries): Design of transmission network including pipes, pumps and storage tanks; distribution system models; optimal operational controls and control devices such as flow and pressure control valves, air and vacuum relief valves etc.
  • Rural water supply systems (specific to many regions of United States): Design of rural water supply systems based on peak demand diversity curves etc.

Design of Industrial Piping Systems:
FHSC can help you design industrial piping systems and provide guidance on optimal operational controls for efficient and cost effective operations. 

Analysis and design of oil and gas pipeline systems:

FHCS employs the powerful Pipe2012 program to create models for your oil and gas transmission and distribution systems. Powerful computer models such those created and calibrated using Pipe2012 program will allow significant cost savings during design as well as operational stages and eliminate the need for trial and error solutions to critical operational issues. In addition, FHCS can provide solutions to complex transient pressure problems arising in oil transmission pipelines.

  • Oil transmission mains
  • Oil distribution systems
  • Gas transmission mains
  • Gas distribution systems
  • Gas collection systems, such as those used for collecting gas from waste disposal landfills.


Steam distribution system modeling:

FHCS can help engineers designing steam distribution systems for large establishments such as university campuses in cold regions and industrial complexes. FHCS employs the state of the module called Steam2012 of the Pipe2012 family of software for this purpose. Steam2012 can handle very large looped pipe networks with multiple compressors, pressure reducing valves and multiple sources. Steam2012 is so versatile it can handle both saturated and superheated steam with ease and provides information on pipe heat losses, available super heat in various regions, node temperatures in a very user friendly graphical format directly overlaid on the network schematic. Steam2012 employs the latest IAPWS97 steam tables. 

Surface water hydraulics and hydrology:

FHCS can provide state of the art modeling solutions to surface water hydraulics and hydrology problems using the HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS packages eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming physical models. 

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