Surge Analysis


TranSurge uses the same hydraulic engine used by the most powerful transient modeling tool in the world, Pipe2012:Surge.Because of its well-known power and accuracy, Pipe2012 software has been used for variety of applications across many different industries – small and large water utilities, oil and other liquid transportation, fire protection systems, nuclear and space industry, etc. At the same time, Pipe2012 appears to be too powerful and overwhelming for some of users, particularly for those whose interests are limited to designing surge protection systems for transmission mains with little or no interest in modeling large distribution networks.TranSurge is a highly streamlined version of Pipe2012:Surge that allows novice users to model long transmission mains and design surge protection systems with minimal efforts while providing access to all the features of Pipe2012:Surge for advanced users.Imagine building a surge analysis model for a long transmission main in a matter of a few minutes from a single spreadsheet of data and that is what TranSurge is all about! 

Working with TranSurge: 

Working with TranSurge is very simple. TranSurge employs object oriented approach for modeling and almost all modeling and processing of results can be done with simple mouse operations and little or no use of the key board. Modeling in TranSurge is based on a series of mouse clicks and much of the editing can be done within the familiar spreadsheet environment eliminating the need for long learning curve associated with traditional surge modeling software. The important modeling activities are tied to a group of buttons arranged in sequence on the main menu bar of the TranSurge program and modeling is done by clicking one of these buttons at a time.

For TranSurge User Manual Click here

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